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Three Tier Menu

We are introducing a Three Tier Menu for your convenience.


Tier 1 - Dine in or Pick-Up

Adobe PDF Menu Here

This is our lowest price and your best deal. To order ahead, come in or call us. Soon, we will have a Tier 1 online ordering system.

Please note alcohol is for dine in only or while you are waiting for your pick-up.

Special offers, discounts and promotions apply to the Tier 1 Menu.


Tier 2 - Delivery

DoorDash Storefront Delivery

We are contracting with DoorDash for delivery. Because there are fees involved in delivery, we are splitting those with you. We are not passing the full fee to you because we want to keep the price as good as we can.

You may use your DashPass for delivery with your DashPass benefits. DoorDash may have some of their own discounts and promotions. Nattha's special offers, discounts and promotions are for Tier 1 only and do not apply to Tier 2.

However, if you do not have DashPass for delivery, you can still receive delivery through either the DoorDash App or our Storefront link here. Your DoorDash App will be the same Tier 2 price. However, we are working on promotionals and incentives if you choose to use the Storefront above instead of the DoorDash App.

We do not deliver alcohol.


Tier 3 - Catering

Our goal is to not only bring the food to you, but to also set it up and serve you at your conference, meeting or gathering. We need advance notice of a few days. Call to discuss.