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Tucson, Arizona

Come dine in! We have some of the ambiance restored after the car crash.

We have Take-Out and DoorDash and now GrubHub!

Our bar will be finished soon as will the entertainment system.


(520) 750-9614

6970 East 22nd Street, Suite 100

Tan Khao Ma Rue Yung?

Open Monday - Saturday

11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Closed Sundays


Hint: Items in Purple are the Thai dishes. Red are the Cantonese and if you don't see what you want, please ask.

Nattha is pronounced Na-Taa and Bann means House

The Very Best in Thai Asian Cuisine


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Why Thai and Chinese cuisine?

The Kingdom of Thailand, formerly referred to as Siam, is the heart of Southeast Asia. Thai means Free. Thailand is the Land of the Free. Siam is the Land of Smiles.

At one time theThai lived in southern China. Eventually they migrated south and spread out. Today the "Kingdom of Thailand" is a distinct nation, yet the cuisine is recognizable throughout the Thai peoples in Eastern India, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and beyond. In the migration, a substantial population of Chinese came with. Today, Thailand has about 70 million people of which about 15 percent are Chinese.

Chef Bill Briwa of the Culinary Institute of Ameria once defined people groups based on whether they were rice people or noodle people (and a friend has reminded us that there are bread people). The Thai are rice people. The Chinese that joined the Thai were noodle people. In the 1930's the Thai government made efforts to unify the nation. What better way than to create a new dish - a noodle dish. You know it as Pad Thai.

At Nattha's Thai Asian House, we bring to you the best of both worlds.

Nattha's Bann Thai Asian offers a wide variety of Thai classic dishes along with Cantonese Chinese cuisine.

We have Soda, Thai Tea (ya gotta try this), and Beer, Wine and Cocktails.

Keurig is here! We've installed a restaurant certified (NSF) K-Cup maker. It even does hot chocolate.

Enjoy our affordable lunch menu or any entree for dine-in or take-out - and coming soon DoorDash.


In Thailand, you will be greeted with

Sawasdee, Ka ---- Hello ----

and then Tan Khao Ma Rue Yung?

Have You Eaten Yet?

Thai cuisine has a secret. The secret is balance.

The goal is to balance sweet, sour, salty, savory and bitter when appropriate. Thai is often thought of as fiery or as often said, spicy. Thai red curry is made from the Thai red bird peppers. Sweeten it a bit and tone the heat down and the result is Panang curry. Or, blend with a number of mild spices and it becomes Massaman curry. Whatever the dish, Thai food will have a good balance to it.

Cantonese cuisine is the dominant Chinese cuisine in the USA.It is mostly a mild steaming or stir fry method that preserves the ingredient flavors.

The goal is a dish that has flavors but not greasy. Spices are light so as to not take away the taste of the ingredients. The seasoning is subtle. Ginger, green onions and garlic are the main aromatics. Light and dark soy sauce and sesame are key condiments used in the seasoning.